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Spearfish, South Dakota


  • 11th Hour IPA

    ABV 6.5 – IBU 70

  • Pile O'Dirt Porter

    ABV 6.0 – IBU 25

  • Canyon Cream Ale

    ABV 5.0  – IBU 10


  • Peachberry Blonde

    ABV 6.1 – IBU 15



  • Spearbeer - Pale Ale

    ABV 5.3 – IBU 45

  • Wickedly Charming Chili ale (WiCCA)

    ABV 6.3 – IBU 15

  • Pagan Snake Stout

    ABV 7.5 – IBU 20

  • Walk in the Park-Session IPA

    ABV 4.3 – IBU 50


  • Bridalveil Brown Ale

    ABV 4.7 – IBU 25



  • Lookout Lager - Munich Style Helles

    ABV 5.2 – IBU 20

  • Mjollnir (Thor's Hammer) -Spruce Tip Ale

    ABV 7.7 – IBU 15


  • Tony Milos Breakfast Beer - Vanilla Espresso Scotch Ale

    ABV 7.9 – IBU 15


  • Crown Town Cuisine Returning in April

    Crown Town Cuisine is a locally owned and operated mobile food service based in Spearfish, South Dakota. We serve the Black Hills area with Naan breakfast sandwiches and full meals inspired by the many flavors of Southern Asia.

  • Bunky's BBQ - Open Wed through Sat

    Wed – Chicken Thighs  (Bone & Boneless)
    Thurs – Pork Ribs  (Bone & Boneless)
    Fri – Brisket
    Sat – Hawaiian – Pork Loin, Smoked Pineapple, & Cream Cheese
    All Served with Homemade Coleslaw & Baked Beans
    Daily – Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Nathan’s Hot Dogs
    Dessert – Bread Pudding with a Caramel Rum Sauce

  • The Bee's Knees Natural Foods

    The Bee’s Knees Natural Foods is your local source for healthy and thoughtful food and personal care.
    Open Mon – Sat


There are no upcoming events at this time

Handcrafted in the Black Hills

Three year-round beers are produced at Crow Peak Brewing for distribution… an American style IPA, a blonde ale, and a robust porter.


6.5% ABV
11th Hour IPA is brewed with the finest quality pale ale malt with some caramel malt and Carapils added for color, flavor and mouthfeel adjustment with no astringency. Centennial and Cascade hops are added to give this IPA its “pure hoppiness” quality.


5% ABV
Canyon Cream Ale falls into the blonde or golden ale category. Characteristics of this beer style are a straw color with a white head. The aroma is of sweet malt with a hint of honey and a slightly fruity finish. This is a light-bodied beer with very low hop bitterness and no hop aroma or flavor.


6.0% ABV
Characteristics of this beer style are a dark (almost black) color with a creamy tan head. The aroma is of sweet malt with a hint of roastiness reminiscent of cocoa. There are notes of chocolate and coffee in the flavor balanced with malt and caramel sweetness.

Brewery History

Crow Peak Brewing Company started in the spring of 2007 as a modest 5-barrel brewery with on-premise sales in the form of pints and off-premise sales in the form of 64-ounce growlers. The brewery was extremely successful, and in order to provide a quality local beer to other parts of the State and beyond, a brewery expansion was in order.

Head Brewer

Jeff’s appreciation for good beer developed early on when he lived in Germany and England. He returned to the U.S. when the craft brewing movement was still in its infancy and began home-brewing as a means of providing a variety of beer styles for family, friends, and himself.

0Different Beers (since opening)
0Half Barrel Kegs Annually
0Sixth Barrel Kegs Annually
0Cases of Beer Annually

HOURS - Starting May 1st

Monday-ThursdayNoon - 9pm
FridayNoon - 10pm
SaturdayNoon - 10pm
SundayNoon - 8pm


Crow Peak Brewing
125 West Highway 14
Spearfish, SD
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