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President & Head Brewer: Jeff Drumm


Jeff’s appreciation for good beer developed early on when he lived in Germany and England. He returned to the U.S. when the craft brewing movement was still in its infancy and began homebrewing as a means of providing himself, family and friends with a variety of beer styles.

Jeff’s homebrewing skills continued to develop as he raised a family and worked as a researcher in San Diego, CA. He was also in a town with a plethora of excellent craft breweries and took full advantage of exploring the various beer styles available. His homebrewing interest grew into a larger scale interest, and after graduating from the American Brewer’s Guild Craftbrewers program and apprenticing at Wild River Brewing Co. in Grants Pass, Oregon, his desire was to open his own brewery.

Jeff, his wife Carolyn and their two daughters decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Spearfish, SD in 2004. In 2007, Jeff and Carolyn founded Crow Peak Brewing Company, the first craft brewery in Spearfish and the first brewery in South Dakota to distribute since 1942. Since Crow Peak Brewing Company opened, the craft beer industry in South Dakota has expanded significantly and become a close-knit community of breweries. Jeff has continued foster a tradition of good will and willingness to help each other out.


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